Luciano Leroux

Is  a very kind and caring kid he was born in 2007. Luciano has a charity in Peru “Act for Kids Jugando” and he helps tons of kids through soccer, every year Luciano goes to Peru to donate implements and gear for all the kids victims of poverty , he organizes soccer tournaments and arts summer camps. Luciano is a natural actor he can be good in different roles like drama, comedy etc . 

Luciano was born in Florida on October 15 2007 but he is canadien as well. He speaks fluently Spanish and English and he also understands French. Luciano is a hard working kid “never give up” is his favourite word he always encouraged other kids to make their dreams come true sharing his real life experiences. He was in a National Geographic documentary in 2017 sharing his story about soccer with other 14 kids from different countries this is how his acting career started. After he is been in different tv project as an actor ( 50 states of fright , Get Shorty, one million little things ) He currently plays the role of Javi in “ Yellow Jackets “

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