Luciano is a very kind and caring 11 years old boy he has a lot empathy for others. Luciano has a charity in Peru “Act for Kids Jugando” and he helps tons of kids through soccer , every year Luciano goes to Peru to donate , implements and gear for all the kids victims of poverty, he organize soccer tournaments ⚽️ Luciano is a natural actor he can be good in different roles comedy , drama etc .

He is only 11 years old but already visited many countries around the world! USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Germany, Belgium. Luciano was born in Florida in October 15 2007 but he is Canadian as well. He speaks three languages fluently Spanish , French and English.

Luciano currently plays soccer in FCB Escola Barcelona in the High Performance Team Luciano is a hard working kid “never give up” is his favourite word he always encouraged other kids to make their dreams came true through real life examples , Luciano is a mature 11 years old he is very responsible and like to do his homework at school he doesn’t like waste time he is active and dinamic. he was in a National Geographic documentary in 2017 sharing his story about soccer with other 14 kids from different countries.

He got the principal role in a famous Commercial for Microsoft, in this commercial Luciano portrays a boy who helps other kids with special needs in his community. Also he received a reward from Canada’s smartest Junior person in 2018. He participated in a commercial for the State of California as a lead role “Super Hero” And recently it’s been part of the Mental Health Project to create awareness about Kids who suffer of a mental illness. Canada’s Mental Health and FCB Escola Toronto y Vancouver are supporting this amazing project. He currently works with two agent one in LA and one in Vancouver and lives between these two cities.